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Mindful Medicine Clinic is an Integrative Care clinic focusing on services to improve patients quality of life, particularly on those services that patients might have limited access to. The most popular services at the clinic Medical Cannabis Certification & Education, Genomics and Dry Needling.

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Medical Cannabis Certification


Community Education

Integrative Bodyworks

Dry Needling

Personal Cannabis Consulting

Physician Cannabis Consulting

Healthcare Cannabis Consulting

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Genomics for Improved Health

Genomics for Improved Health

In the past few years we have learned an amazing amount about the human genome. Back in the 90s, when I took high school biology, we believed the gene to be a blueprint for our body. We did not believe the genome could be altered, and we would have scoffed at the idea of these alterations being...

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Consulting with Families

Focusing on the whole solution rather than just the symptom

At Mindful Medicine we focus on the whole person, the whole problem and the whole solution rather than just the symptom that brought you in. Our care does not stop when the appointment ends. After that, any necessary paperwork will be completed and submitted to the state on your behalf. You will receive extensive education on the use and misuse of cannabis both in general and in the context of your specific condition. If you are obtaining a medical cannabis certification, you will even get a free follow up appointment for any questions or adjustments that might be needed after initiating therapy.
Wonderful, caring company! They are truly passionate about the solutions they offer and really care about their patients. They make the process simple and easy and even offer a mobile clinic just to make it even easier!

– Natalya Lainhart

Google, March 2019

I could not have stumbled upon a better Dr. If I tried. Dr. Mann and her family (staff?) are fantastic. They listen, communicating is easy, advice and suggestions are right on (why wouldn’t they be, right? Lol) and she’s pretty funny as well. Her reputation precedes her, at my dispensary they knew of Dr. Mann and said they wished all their patients were as prepared as Dr. Mann’s seemed to be. I’ll take that as a solid endorsement! Thanks so much to Dr. Mann and the M.M. Clinic.

– Shane Morgan

Facebook, October 11, 2019

Absolutely excellent service provider, I both recommend Dr. Sarah Mann and her clinic Mindful Medicine and also look forward to referring patients in need to her as well.

– Chesrise Janes

Facebook, August 30 2019

Had my appt today. The doctor was great!!!! Definitely glad I went here. She made the process easy and I loved talking to her. Her staff was just as wonderful. Highly recommend!

– Penelope Pitstop

Google, December 2019

After working with several doctors I was finally able to find a doctor that worried more about me than protecting their licence. I was prescribed up to 9 different pharmaceutical drugs at one point and this clinic helped me find the single right medication.

– Seng Estelle

Facebook, August 24, 2019

Im so greatful for Dr,Mann she hss a wonderful personality, uplifting, and has the vision to recognize what you need or been through. She is an awesome human

– Christine Clodfelter

Google, November 2019

Dr. Mann is wonderful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend going to see her

– Elizabeth Bremner

Google, May 2019

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