by Sarah Mann, MD

It is unfortunate that the most powerful, life improving, life saving medical technology to be discovered is not covered by insurance. Since insurance companies make their policies on advice from businessmen and politicians rather than scientist or healthcare professionals, this is no surprise. In this new series we will give tips and tricks to maximize your Green for minimal…well…green.

CBD is very effective for muscle spasms and inflammation, and it is well absorbed topically. That includes in the bath. Last year, while in Colorado, I saw an amazing new product, the cannabis bath bomb. The box contained 3 bath bombs, each with 45 mg THC and 45 mg CBD. There was an indica, a sativa and a hybrid. Each also contained the usual bath bomb ingredients, baking soda, essential oils, etc. The baths were luxurious, and I don’t even like baths.

When those bath bombs ran out, my aching muscles craved the relief those baths were giving me. Even if I had access to more, which I did not, I would be unwilling to pay $15 per bath unless I was in extreme pain. So instead, I poured some old CBD oil that was too minty for my husband in the tub. I didn’t know the dose, but I figured it was meant to be eaten and I had a large tube, so I probably needed a lot. I would guess I poured 100 mg, in addition to my meditation essential oils and a cheap walmart bath bomb. I was so comfortable and relaxed after that bath I sat and calmly watched my toddler color on the wall. I recommend 10-25 mg.!