Many people are changing the way they look at the world, and the way they look at their homes. I am frequently asked how often someone would have to bleach their counters and sterilize their homes to keep it clean and safe. While I can’t tell you exactly how often to clean your house, hopefully I can give you enough info to figure it out. It will largely depend on your exposure level as well as your personal risk factors for getting sick.

If you are a good, compliant citizen staying in your home, it should be relatively safe in there. You are still getting food and supplies somehow, bringing in a small risk. Since not even stray cats are safe, animals are another potential risk. If you are otherwise healthy and not at particular risk, you probably don’t have to clean too often.

If you are a reasonably compliant citizen but still have your next door neighbors over for dinner and still let your trusted housekeeper in once a week, then I would recommend cleaning a little more often. I would also take a minute to bleach wipe the counters after the housekeeper leaves, they are likely having significant contact with several other families you don’t know.

If your wife is a first responder out there mingling with the virus every day, you have two young children and your elderly father who requires home oxygen lives with you, then I would recommend frequent disinfection and extensive precautions. Consider would sterilizing the counters at least once a day, if not more. Make sure to focus on places hands go like handles and knobs (don’t forget the outside of the front door). I would also bleach the floors or vacuum with a hepa filter daily, because when various surfaces were tested in patient rooms, that little bug was found everywhere!