Dry Needling

Pinpointed Pain Relief

Sometimes, your body hurts.

Whether it’s from stress, overuse, or simple wear and tear – when your muscles hurt, you need relief. But before you turn to your favorite medicine to mask the pain, why not treat the cause at the source? Dry needling is a safe and natural treatment for neuromuscular pain that really works.

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How Dry Needling Helps Your Pain

Neuromuscular pain happens when muscles contract into a “knot.” If a band of tissue has one or more knots, the area can become hypersensitive, resulting in limited range of motion and soreness. Over time, symptoms can become worse as the tissues continue to tighten and remain stiff.

Massage, or manual manipulation, is a commonly known solution for muscle soreness and knots. Massage works on the principle of breaking up scar tissue and increasing blood supply to the area, thus stimulating the healing process.

Dry needling works on the exact same principles. However, instead of applying pressure to the surface of the muscles in an attempt to smooth them out, dry needling involves pinpointing the exact location of the knots to release those directly.

What Happens During a Session?

Dry needling is the process of inserting sterile, thin filaments directly into the knotted areas of the muscles.

These filaments are called needles, but they are much different than commonly used needles in medical treatments. Nothing gets injected or removed from the body, so the needle is much thinner than a regular needle. In fact, the needle resembles more of a pin than a needle.

When the needle penetrates the muscle tissue, it stimulates the knot to release. A small twitch response of the affected muscle indicates that the knot has been deactivated, releasing the cause of tension and soreness in that muscle. At a cellular level, the physiology of the muscle changes, restoring it back to health. So, patients can expect immediate relief and permanent changes after only one or two sessions.

Who Is Dry Needling For?

Dry needling is a better alternative to massage because it can reach muscle tissues that can’t be accessed using hands. Additionally, it is more precise and therefore can be more effective.

Anyone suffering from neuromuscular pain is likely to benefit from dry needling. This includes but not limited to people suffering from the following:

● Acute or Chronic injuries
● Headaches
● Neck or Back pain

● Tendinitis or Overuse Injuries
● Fibromyalgia
● Sciatica
● Musculoskeletal pain
● Post-traumatic injuries

Is Dry Needling Safe?

Dry needling is an evidence-based treatment for many types of pain that involves no medication or surgeries. Dry needling is conducted entirely in accordance with the principles of western medicine and does not follow the doctrines of traditional Chinese medicine.

Dry needling is a minimally invasive treatment with minimal to no risks. The process of inserting and removing the needle barely creates a sensation at all, mimicking more of a slight pinprick than a needle injection. Side effects may include mild muscle soreness for up to 24 hours after a session as the tension releases.

At Mindful Medicine Clinic, dry needling is conducted by a certified medical doctor. A trained physician conducts and oversees the entire treatment, ensuring you remain in the best hands possible.

Experience The Benefits For Yourself

Drugs, massages, and surgical treatments can offer short-term relief. What they can’t do is cure the problem. Dry needling gets right to the source of the problem and instantly releases it with virtually no downside.

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