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Genomics is a field on the cutting edge of medicine. Essentially, it provides a transcript of the source code of the programming of your body.

That means, rather than making health and wellness decisions based on how most people respond most of the time, people can begin to make decisions based on how their own body is likely to respond to something. That’s why genomics is so empowering and exciting.

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What Is Genomics and How Can It Help Me?

Genomics is a branch of science that involves mapping the DNA inside human cells to better understand what is going on with someone’s physiology.

Since DNA is the original blueprint for your cells, everything your body does can be traced back to something happening in your DNA. By knowing the exact blueprint of your own body, you can better determine your strengths and vulnerabilities. This helps you make better decisions about how to care for yourself.

Armed with information about your own genome, you can avoid specific issues or enhance things as you see fit. However, things will get lost in translation if a highly trained professional isn’t used to translate biochemical markers into specific predictions about the functioning of your body. That’s where we come in.

Genomics Services Offered

There are many genomics services available for unique health and wellness situations. At Mindful Medicine Clinic, we offer three different genomics services that cover a vast range of health challenges and performance optimization opportunities.

All our tests are conducted and interpreted by professionals, which means we work together to make the best decisions for your body.

Medical Genomics

By testing for the presence of certain genetic markers, healthcare practitioners can personalize treatment plans to the individual physiology of their patients. Medical genomics testing can show where you are vulnerable to disease, and where you might respond better to other forms of treatment. These genetic panels will look for everything from optimal diet to reversing dementia.

Our medical genomics testing is done with a comprehensive test called IntellxxDNA, which provides an in-depth report of medical and nutritional information.

Nutritional Genomics

Nutri-genomics tests assess your nutritional requirements based on your physiology. By looking at key pieces of DNA, medical and nutritional professionals can assess your optimum diet requirements to make sure you’re getting enough of exactly what your body needs.

A genetic nutritional analysis is suitable for anyone looking to optimize their health by eating a diet based on their unique physiology. This may be especially important for elite athletes, couples having fertility challenges, or anyone with specific health concerns.

Our nutrigenomics tests are conducted in partnership with Nutrigenomix Inc.

Personalized Cannabis-Health Report

Cannabis is effective in treating many different health problems. However, it is also very complex. Cannabis plants come in many different species and strains, each with unique properties and physiological effects.

Because of this, it can often be challenging to match up a person’s intended effect with an appropriate strain of medical cannabis. Complicating matters further, different people respond differently to different strains of cannabis.

Genomic testing helps to eliminate the ambiguity by matching your specific physiological profile with a strain of cannabis that will produce your intended effect.

What Can Genomics Do for You?

Genomics testing offers the opportunity for highly customized, personal health and wellness advice. From treating disease with greater efficacy and fewer side effects, to enhancing performance in all areas of life, genomics is truly revolutionizing how people care for their bodies.

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