Grinding up cannabis to smoke or use in making edible is a common occurrence in the cannabis community. Those that have been smoking or making edibles for a while will usually own some sort of grinder; a device used to break up cannabis buds into smaller pieces or a powder. These devices come in all shapes and sizes guaranteeing you’ll find the right grinder for you! In this article we’re going to talk about the types of grinders available and how to use them.

There are 2 reasons for grinding up your cannabis: to smoke it or to put into edibles. When grinding weed to smoke, you would use a grinder specifically designed to grind up cannabis. These can be found at your local head shop or online head shops. They’re normally the size of a fist and will grind up a little less than a gram at a time. However, there are some that are much bigger that can grind up to and ounce. They can feature things like kief catches and specialized grinding teeth while some will be basically hands-free

Types of Grinders

There are 3 main types of grinders/ways to grind up weed: electric, manual twist-top, and fingers. The type of grinder you decide to purchase will be determined by your own personal needs and preferences.

Traditional Grinder

Traditional grinders are 2- to 3-piece grinders that grind up weed and feature a chamber where all the ground up cannabis collects. They are pretty simple to use and can’t be inexpensive as well. To use a traditional grinder:

  • You would first take the top of the grinder off. This is normally where all the grinder teeth are that are used to shred and tear the cannabis apart.
  • Place your marijuana buds on top of the teeth and put the lid pack on.
  • Press down on the lid and twist the lid back and forth

Electric Grinder

Electric grinders are popular in the medical cannabis community because they can grind up your weed at the touch of a button. Those suffering from arthritis, nerve damage, and other chronic pains can often have a hard time pressing down on the traditional grinder tops and twisting it. With an electric grinder there are only two steps you need to take in order to grind up your bud.

  • Take the chamber off and put your cannabis inside.
  • Replace the chamber and press the button.

Viola! It’s really that simple.


The oldest way of grinding up cannabis is by using your fingers. While this might be the cheapest way to break up weed, it’s not sanitary, makes your cannabis lose potency, and doesn’t grind the weed down to a fine enough consistency to cook with or smoke evenly.

If you use cannabis for medicinal reasons, using your fingers could potently make you sick especially when your hands aren’t completely clean. The cannabinoid and terpene containing trichomes are very delicate and when they come in contact with your body oils and heat, they burst and stick to your fingers. This takes away the potency of your cannabis and makes it less effective as a medicine.

No matter how you do it, grinding up cannabis isn’t difficult. There are plenty of grinders available. They all make it easy for anyone to start enjoying marijuana and will help you gain more from your cannabis experience.