Medical Cannabis Certification

Medical Cannabis Certification

At Mindful Medicine we can do so much more for you than provide a medical marijuana card for your qualifying condition – though we certainly do that! – we build the bridge from medical cannabis use in Illinois, to a version of you that’s feeling better all the time. We’re happy to serve everyone, regardless of patient status or clinical condition. No matter if you have an undiagnosed condition, or are already diagnosed and just need your records reviewed –supporting you throughout the entire med card process is just the beginning.



Genomics is a field on the cutting edge of medicine. Essentially, it provides a transcript of the source code of the programming of your body. That means, rather than making health and wellness decisions based on how most people respond most of the time, people can begin to make decisions based on how their own body is likely to respond to something. That’s why genomics is so empowering and exciting.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling

Sometimes, your body hurts. Whether it’s from stress, overuse, or simple wear and tear – when your muscles hurt, you need relief. But before you turn to your favorite medicine to mask the pain, why not treat the cause at the source? Dry needling is a safe and natural treatment for neuromuscular pain that really works.

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